Parent Council

The purpose of the Parent Council is to provide support to the Trustees, Wayland’s Head of School, administration, faculty, and students in the following specific ways:  
  • By providing an organization that will involve Wayland parents in the day-to-day activities of Wayland
  • By providing opportunities for communication through an open exchange of ideas and suggestions among Wayland’s Trustees, Head of School, administration, faculty, parents, and students
  • By supporting fundraising programs designed to assist Wayland and its programs
  • By assisting Wayland in recruiting qualified students
  • By assisting with the planning, programs, administration, and implementation of various Wayland parent events, both on and off campus, including, without limitation, Family Weekends and other events intended especially for parents
  • By furthering the cause of Wayland in other positive and imaginative ways


Membership on the Council is limited to parents of students attending Wayland. One member of the Board of Trustees and Wayland’s Director of Advancement serve as ex-officio members of the Council. Members are elected or appointed to the Council by the Nominating Committee together with the Wayland Head of School, administration, and faculty. Council members are selected from both boarding and day students and serve for a term of two years. They may be re-elected to the Council as long as the member is a parent of a student at Wayland.

Tamara and Jason Walker
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Parents of Sydney `18 (B) and Alex `20 (B)

Suleiman Al Tallaa
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Parent of Mohammed Al Tallaa `19 (B) and Nawaf `21 (B)

Peter and Angela Fogarty
Vice Co-Chairs
Columbus, Wisconsin 
Parents of Elizabeth Fogarty `20 (D)

Chad and Suzanne Fedler
Sauk City, Wisconsin
Parents of Lillian Fedler `19 (B)

Jenny and Dan Booker
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Parents of Andrew `18 (D) and Chris `14

Jing “James” Li (Tao “Tanya” He)
Beijing, China 
Parents of Tiankuo “Kurt” Li `20 (B)

Beth and Steve Luedtke
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Parents of Abe `19 (D) and Abbey `20 (D)

Chris and Wendy Meier
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Parents of Easton `18 (D)

Ethel Perry
Chicago, Illinois 
Parent of Gabrielle Perry `19 (B)

Ginny Quirk-Alberts (Mark)
Cambridge, Wisconsin
Parents of Mason `18 (B) 

Judy Hill H`08
Director of Advancement
Administration Representative ex-officio
Wayland Academy

John B. McKinstry H`10
Trustee Representative ex-officio
Beaver Dam, Wisconsin