Hybrid Learning Consortium

Wayland Academy is a member of the Hybrid Learning consortium (HLC), founded and directed by the Barstow School. The HLC is a collective of independent schools around the world that develop high quality, rigorous, online courses for high school students. Wayland students have the opportunity to take semester and year-long elective courses through HLC. The cost of the classes will be incurred by the student and is non-refundable after the course begins. The cost is approximately $400 per semester per course, paid directly to HLC. There are a few restrictions and conditions regarding the expanded offerings in this pilot program:
  • Students may take one HLC course per semester as their fifth or sixth academic course.
  • Students cannot enroll in HLC courses that are offered to Wayland students on campus.
  • Students are unable to drop the course once the add/drop period is over.
  • Students must fill out an approval form with the appropriate signatures of the Academic Dean, Department Chair, and College Counselor. 
  • The credits earned are reflected on the student transcript as Wayland credit with an indication of the HLC course.
Course descriptions can be found below.