Wayland Academy is a great place to work. Just as we prepare our students for the rigors of higher education and the life that follows, so too does the Academy encourage our employees to grow personally and professionally within our friendly campus community.

Open Positions at Wayland Academy

Director of Auxiliary Programs and Outreach

    Reports To: Chief Financial Officer
    Work Environment: Office (Non-Manual) Work
    Compensation Status: Exempt (Salaried)
    Purpose: Responsible for marketing, managing, and communicating all auxiliary programs and facility rentals on campus.

    Essential Duties, Responsibilities, and Expectations:

    1. Effectively and satisfactorily, on a regular basis: (1) cultivating community interest in program offerings and facility usage; (2) engaging in community networking and establish collaborative relationships; and (3) marketing and promoting all programs locally and outside the immediate community.
    2. Regularly encouraging the formation of new programs on campus and strengthening of current programs and ensuring that these programs and activities are well-planned and promoting the Academy’s mission.
    3. Regularly and collaboratively working with the Director of Communications to advertise and promote activities in appropriate venues and on the school website.
    4. Effectively and satisfactorily, on a regular basis: (1) coordinating and managing: (1) registration, scheduling, and administration of programs; (2) facility usage calendar to coincide with the academic calendar; and (3) the rental of campus facilities, including marketing, negotiating contracts, overseeing events, key distribution and return, and opening and closing out events.
    5. Regularly attending camp fairs and any other local events to promote offerings and develop partnerships.
    6. Regularly giving campus tours and being knowledgeable of capacities of buildings, dining capabilities, and school history.
    7. Regularly evaluating existing programs and logistics on an ongoing basis and develop methods to improve programs and service delivery.
    8. Regularly developing guidelines and best practices for auxiliary programs.
    9. Regularly meeting with auxiliary program partners including Sodexo Dining, Sodexo Facilities decision makers.
    10. Occasional local or regional travel, on an as needed basis, via airplane, train, and/or automobile as instructed by the Academy.

    Required Skills and Abilities to Perform the Essential Duties, Responsibilities, and Expectations:
    The following are a list of skills and abilities that the Director of Auxiliary Programs and Outreach must consistently possess – and will utilize in practice – in order to effectively and satisfactorily perform the above-listed essential duties, responsibilities, and expectations:
    • Discretion and Independent Judgment;
    • Ability to Multi-Task and Organize;
    • Ability to competently and professionally complete tasks independently as well as properly and effectively interacting with other employees as part of a team;
    • Excellent writing, proofreading, and interpersonal skills (both written and verbal);
    • Ability to be Energetic, Self-Motivating, and Goal-Oriented; and
    • Ability to regularly or consistently lift up to twenty-five (25) pounds.

    Required Qualifications and Experience:
    • 5 + Years of experience in Sales, Marketing, and/or Advertising is preferred
    • A sales, marketing, and/or advertising background

    Educational Requirements
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing, Communications, or a similarly-related field

    Anticipated Work Hours

    • Mondays through Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    • Occasional weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and evening hours on-and off-campus as needed.
    • Occasional local, regional, and/or national travel will be required
    • Summer months during camps may require presence on campus for coordinating needs with services. 
      Please submit a resume and employment application (download PDF here) to Kerry Wolfgram, Business Office Manager at kwolfgram@wayland.org by February 28, 2017.